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Crawling Into The Light

A gripping autobiography that tells a brutal story of molestation, rape, physical abuse, forced heroin addiction and prison and a subsequent miraculous rise to power and the building a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Then a deadly diagnosis again changes everything. Marni emerges with renewed insights that offer hope and inspiration to us all. 

About Marni

Unwanted, molested, raped, beaten, forced into heroin addiction, prostituted and thrown into prison. Miraculously Marni survived and emerged to build a multimillion dollar corporation with seventy employees. Then a deadly diagnosis changed everything again. Marni lost everything but instead of giving up, she tried to find the gift and discovered her true power. Today she works as an executive coach and marketing communications expert to help others recognize the unique gifts only they can bring.

Praise For Crawling Into The Light

"...parts reminded me of some of Angelou's autobiographical writings from her youth - the gross injustice and lack of humanity involved."

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"It takes a tremendous amount of courage to just throw it all out there for the world to see. Commendable".

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"I downloaded and read this last night. Well written. Disturbing but I became engrossed..."

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This book changed my life! It is seriously a must read! I have read this book twice and I have learned more about self empowerment each time.... Buy This Book!

Jennifer Horton

Against All Odds

I cannot tell a lie...reading Marni Spencer Devlin's book, Crawling Into The Light, hurt! It wasn't easy to revisit the snake pits of my own life that we have in common, but at the same time, I was absolutely mesmerized by her ability to rise up, again and again and finally make it...against ALL the odds. Her win was hard fought; her journey not for the feint of heart; the light she found within herself after living in the darkness for so long, breathtaking. Her light is a beacon of hope that will inspire many to search for their own. I am forever grateful that she lived to tell her story, even though I'm sad she had to live it.

Mimi Shannon

Fasten Your Seatbelts!

I was so excited to receive this book and it has delivered 100%! Marni's story is amazing and is a MUST read! Great tale of triumph over tragedy. It is refreshing when you read priciples that you agree with. Thanks for a great book!

Brian Malcolm


WOW! 5 Stars! A Must Read!

Marni seems to let it all out in her book, Crawling Into the Light. Her molestation, rape, feeling unwanted, addiction to heroin, prostitution, homelessness, and her prison time. It was a fascinating story to read and sometimes difficult to read. Many times, I would shake my head, wondering...'what are you doing??' Marni's writing keeps you engaged. She never seems to take a victim point of view, but rather an honest look at how she was not wanted by her family and how that played out in her life and her perception of her self-worth. Many can benefit from reading this! In the latter part of the book, where Marni is no longer a 'junkie' and has plenty of money and a nice home, it is difficult to then visualize the pained and addicted girl who was selling her body for money to shoot up or to pay the motel rent. Amazing. A must read

Tami Urbanek

A Page Turner!

I must say, I had no idea what to expect from Crawling Into the Light. I thought I would just read a chapter or two - but once I started, I could not stop till I was done! Marni Spencer-Devlin's tale is gripping, and cannot have been easy to decide to share. It is not a book for the feint of heart, but an amazing true story, exploring the author's life. Nothing has been held back, and the title does not disappoint. The light is there, and Spencer-Devlin certainly triumphed in sharing her journey!

Bernard /Amazon Reader

Inspirational… a story of deliverance from that which haunts us

I found this book to be inspirational. A story of deliverance from that which haunts us.... gracing my life, and others, to remind us we are never alone in our struggles. A brave tale told by a fearless woman. Thank you Marni.

May0007 / Amazon Reader


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